Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Horseback Ride Gone Awry

Our first horseback ride of the season started out quite beautiful.

We were all having a grand old time...

...until, to make a long story short, the horses got spooked and started bucking.

Mark got thrown off and landed on his head. I got thrown off and landed

straight on my arm.

Cool, huh? Popped my elbow right out of the socket. Lucky for you my camera fell on me and not the other way around so Jonny was able to document the whole thing. After I fell we couldn't figure out how to get me off the mountain because I couldn't walk or I would pass out, they couldn't stick me back on a horse, and we couldn't splint it because it was in such an awkward position. So we called Search and Rescue of course. They drugged me up, hauled me down the mountain, stuck me in an ambulance, and drove me to the ER. There they proceeded to put me under anesthesia (twice) to pop the elbow back in to place. Apparently it took about 5 times the amount of drugs to put me under than it should have - the doctor still isn't convinced I don't drink alcohol - and it took two big men to pop it back in. Guess my body is a little stubborn. But! They got it done. I was in a sling for a couple weeks and am now doing some therapy to get my range of motion back. The doctor told me I would be in a brace for 6 to 8 weeks. Psh! There was no way I was going to let my summer go by while rotting in a brace waiting for my elbow to heal. So now, almost four weeks after the accident, I'm brace-free, back on my bike, and almost able to do yoga. Almost. Next time my horse starts freaking out I'll know what to do. Tuck and roll.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Faces of St. Timothy's



















Just some of the students of St. Timothy's Pre and Primary School in Moshi, Tanzania.

Seriously, aren't these kids beautiful??

I can't get over their perfect skin and deep eyes.

I miss them.

(photos taken on medium format film with a Yashica Gmat 124 twin lens)