Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring is Here

Thanksgiving Point 1


Thanksgiving Point 3


Thanksgiving Point 4

Thanksgiving Point 5


Thanksgiving Point 6

Thanksgiving Point 7

Thanksgiving Point 2


Thanksgiving Point 8


(Photos taken at Thanksgiving Point)

Friday, April 22, 2011

I lied. This post isn't even close to being about Africa. Does anyone even still want to see stuff about that anymore?

I photographed this beautiful little girl, Holly, along with her dad and sister this evening. They were so fun and made me laugh the entire time. Especially this one, she was a complete ham for the camera. I'll post the rest of the photos from this session shortly (...maybe. I have a habit of not following through on my blog promises).

I've been making some changes lately, the biggest and most exciting being that I got a new job. I am now a Public Relations Rep for a physical therapy company. After almost five years of working at the credit union I've finally started to move forward
into something related to my degree. And so far I'm really loving it. Ah change is good.

I've got a whole load of film going to the developers tomorrow and we're hiking this next weekend. So maybe I'll start paying more attention to this little piece of personal cyberspace I have here. But I've said that before, haven't I.